Hello There!

I’m a chef by trade, and I’ve cooked at some ok restaurants in San Francisco and Boston. I’ve been a server at some serious spots. I’ve also had the good fortune to eat at some amazing restaurants as well. I read a good amount of reviews, cookbooks, and food related stuff.  I love food, and I work hard to earn the money I need to eat out a few times a year.

I love to make food and I love to eat food.  I love to work in kitchens. I love the comraderie. I love to eat at restaurants.  I like my food fresh, vibrant, delicious, and grown sustainably.  If it’s organic, even better.  I look at life very deeply and inquisitively.  I look at myself very deeply and inquisitively.  I am always growing into a better chef and trying to grow into a better person and leader.




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