No Way!!

Oh My Gosh, am I actually writing a blog post right now??  I actually have a few minutes to do this??  My face is warmed and dried by the spring sun as it rises to the surface for this ephemeral moment of deep sea tranquility.  I actually have a few moments to take my toque off and give you all some peace signs (see picture).  And I say “What up y’all?”  Haha, it has been a whacky few months.  I learned to cook, and was closely examined as I presented all the recipes on these note cards:

I actually did fairly well.  I was inconsistent with my dishes at first, as I juggled the task of being team leader while trying to break bad habits of getting in my own way during stressful cooking moments.  I leveled off toward the end and started to truly feel in the organized, strong, and in the groove, if not still a bit slow.  Hey I am working on it, OK?

I also completed seven courses such as Gastronomy (the teacher called us homeskillets on the day of the mid-term.  Despite her coolness, it was one of the hardest midterms I have ever taken!), Culinary Math, and Nutrition, amongst others. All were inspiring and I learned more than I can ever explain now.  Let us just say that I ended my first block of classes with a 3.56 gpa.  So far, so good!

I began working at my dream restaurant named Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY on Saturdays (for free).  The work has been challenging, but the food is unbelievable.  I have learned much more about true discipline in the kitchen, and this has changed who I am when I am working.  You may never see the loudmouthed goofball of the past; or the stressed-out and scatter-brained tornedo taking on too much at once.

I practice my leadership abilities everyday as the class leader.  My chefs, professors, mentors, and classmates are teaching me so much about what it is to be a leader. I am constantly humbled and put on the path to “right control” (read Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind).

It has been a real honor getting to know the students in my class, and the class leaders from other classes.  Many of us are truly dedicated to this craft and are completely immersed in our success at school.  Connecting with these people is nothing short of awesome.

OK I must dive back in now.  This time I dive headlong into a giant bowl of meat.  Meat Butchery class I mean.  I have to go study all the types of steaks and roasts that come out of beef shank.

Talk again soon!  I think the next few months will be a bit more mellow.

Peace out!!



  1. yeah brother. . . way to go. . . awesome to read a lil caption of your development and success. . . im proud of you . . keep rockin’

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