Maybe Hell Isn’t So Bad A Place

Ok, a quick rundown of the past three weeks.  I need to make this quick because there’s a pile of homework to do, and a 6:45am call to the loading dock where all the produce and meat comes into the school.

Mind you, I do not have to be at the loading dock tomorrow morning before the sun comes up.  I am choosing to be there.  I wrangled a small group of my classmates to be there.  Why?  Because it will be completely awesome to see all that beautiful food and meat, much of it coming from nearby farms, in massive quantities mostly to be used just for tomorrow!  Talk about fresh!  And the system they’ve got down there in the storerooms is so tight!  And it’s so clean down there!  A storeroom facility like the one at CIA is like heaven for a cook in the business.  Who cares about being a little tired!

Which leads me to my point.  I am conciously putting myself in hell.  Culinary School hell.  This is my heaven.  This is a fantasy land for all of the hard-working, live-like-your-going-to-die chefs!  Y’all, I am tired, homework is endless, my first cooking class is hard as hell!  I cant move fast enough(yet) in that class.  I cant get my mind around everything thats going on in that class.  I am in the weeds!  

This hell is my heaven.

I am getting pounded into the chef I want to be.  I will get on top of all of it, probably by the end of next week.  But I hope, I pray, that it won’t stop coming.  Bring on the beating!  Bring on the hell!  There’s no other place I’d rather be right now.

I hope you sleep well. I know I wont!


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