In this day and age, in this experience of life’s ironies, fear is a strong signal that what we are about to confront will make us stronger and liberated.  One of the most sickening feelings, fear, has the power to make you run away.  And usually, based on some primitive instinct of survival perhaps, we run from fear.  But the irony is that if stand and face the fear, we will succeed in ways we thought unimaginable.

A cook knows fear intimately.  A cook stands with fear and it’s cohorts pressure and danger.

Cooks should realize they’ve been through preparation, they’ve been through training, day in and day out, to understand and handle fear.  They look it dead in the eye sometimes, and they push through it–until the last perfect plate is out and the kitchen is clean.  We cooks have a powerful tool: we can face fear constantly.

We can take this strength into our lives and do things that would otherwise scare us into a flailing sprint in the opposite direction.  We can face that ironic wrench in our guts screaming at us to run while softly whispering to stick it out.    


One comment

  1. I had that same feeling of wanting to quit and run away when it came time for the final charcutepalooza dinner I made. It’s an amazing feeling though when you recognize the fear for what it is and make the conscious decision to push past it and succeed in what you set out to do.

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