Let’s Cook!

It’s time to write about this cooking thing.   After cooking for 11 years, I start next week at The Culinary Institute of America.  And I want to share it all.  Before I put up a photo, and before I fill out my profile, I just want you to know what’s going on inside me at this moment.

Right now I’m looking deeply into what in my life has lead me right here to this late night moment.  It starts with a basic fact about me.

There’s a side of me that comes alive in the chaos of the kitchen.  Once that adrenaline kicks in, there’s no other place I would rather be.    This feeling came to me for the first time during my first busy night at a stir fry joint in Amherst, MA.  I was just about to graduate as an undergrad.  At a time when the future hung in the balance, this feeling hit me.  It felt good.  At the end of the night, when the world returned, I was tired and fullfilled.  I didn’t need anything else.

And I was learning how to cook!  Here is another thing about me.  I love to cook.  I started practicing the stuff I learned at work when I was home.  I liked doing it the same way I liked writing poems or beatboxing, but it felt like work.  And that made it even better!  My work ethic was kicking in and aligning with something I truly enjoyed to do–finally–at 26.

Check it, cooking’s been a job, and cooking will always be a job I stumbled into somehow when I should’ve been more focused on what I studied at school.  It’s a craft.  It pays the bills–barely.  And the other side is this-I actually love cooking.  I must love it if I still relish in perfecting the basics–like dicing carrots.  I must love it if I still crave learning new stuff.  I don’t know if there’s much I haven’t seen on youtube.  I am not bored yet!

I found this thing–this cooking thing. It calms me even though its totally chaotic.  It excites me.  It scares the shit out of me.  And it’s time to take some more steps in this direction.  I like the restaurant business too.  I like being a manager.  I like training.  I want restaurants.

And I have other dreams.  I need to know that I am doing good for the world.  More on that in my next post.  Thanks for reading.


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